Our Services
We identify and solve RF and EM interference problems
for communications, industry, law enforcment and more.
We offer expert help in identifying and resolving cases of radio, electronic, and electromagnetic interference. Our clients include cellular companies, broadcasters, manufacturing, law enforcement, corporate security, medical and even pro-bono assistance to individuals and organizations in special cases.


Electronic communications and electromagnetic technologies are growing into almost every aspect of our lives. In addition to old traditional broadcasting, two-way radio and landline telephones, today we have personal wireless access through our cellular and PCS phones, with broadband data access to the internet in third and fourth-generation wireless phones and data cards.  We cook our food in 2500 megahertz devices called microwave ovens. When we suffer health problems, our bodies are examined non-invasively with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computer Axial Tomography (CAT). Embedded pacemakers and defibrilators extend life for many with special conditions. Even our sports and athletics rely on communication between coaches and among referees, while electronics broadcasts the game. Professional and ordinary athletes monitor their workouts and performance with electronic devices. Our plywood sheets are "cooked" and dried out by RF waves before being shipped to our local lumber stores. We watch the progress of storms with land-based weather radar and orbiting satellites. Our cars, entertainment devices and appliances use parts built by numerically-controlled industrial equipment. Increasingly we communicate and read books and newspapers on tablets. The list could go on for many pages.


With electronics everywhere, unwanted interactions between devices are becoming very common. One device's incidental radiation can override the signal another device needs to hear. Interference can propagate through the air between devices, or by induction into wiring and cables, and even sneak in piggybacked on the AC power we use to run everything.


At Interference Locators, we are professional electrical engineers with expertise in electronic devices, the signals and power waveforms they use, and the many ways that power and signals can go astray or to contaminate and produce problems. We have the professional tools -- DSP spectrum analyzers and monitoring receivers, electromagnetic field sensors, specialized antennas, "sniffers" for "bugs", storage oscilloscopes and the insight and experience to use them effectively to solve interference problems of all types. The typical backround of our specialists includes an electrical engineering degree with long "street experience" in the broadcast, cellular/broadband data, two-way radio, radio astronomy and transportation communication industries. One of our specialists began playing with amateur radio at the age of 11 in 1961!

Tell us your problems and let us informally advise you on likely causes and solutions.   If we're the right fit for helping solve it, we're at your disposal.