We identify and solve RF and EM interference problems
for communications, industry, law enforcment and more.
Pricing and Scheduling: Broadcast AM-FM-TV-AUX

Our service to you runs the gamut from simple cases -- harmonic or spurious measurements/certification, blanketing interference fixes for neighbors near the transmitter, to medium-level projects such as interference to STLs, intermod among close transmitters, problem location in TV/FM antennas and lines, and major projects such as AM directional proofs.

We will gladly discuss any problem and offer any informal help we can without charge.  If our on-site help is needed, we'll estimate the hours involved, the travel cost (if any), and provide a firm fixed quotation which will not be exceeded no matter what effort is required to provide a satisfactory solution. Costs range from about $100 for simple measurements and blanketing interference visits up to a maximum of $500 per day for more complex situations. Prudently controlled travel costs are also due. Let us know the details and we'll provide a specific not-to-exceed quote.


When immediate resolution of a critical problem is needed, we're ready to respond and travel immediately.  We charge $100 per hour for emergency services, not to exceed 10 hours in any 24-hour period. If a correct diagnosis is not reached promptly, our services are free and only prudent travel costs will apply...


We like to discuss each new problem at whatever level of detail you can provide. (Once in a while we can even find the solution over the phone at no cost.) If it can't be fixed by phone, we'll quote you a not-to-exceed cost for transportation plus the per-source charges identified above. You'll be billed at satisfactory conclusion of the work. We accept POs, credit cards, checks, and cash.

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Occasionally a task turns out to be extremely simple - an unplugged cable, a wrong switch setting, etc. If the problem turns out to be a "five minute miracle", our charges will be miraculously lower too.

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